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 Priscilla's Kitchen, LLC
 Fresh, Tasty Intl. Cuisines

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Filet a' la Oskar
PK Spiked Roast Rainbow Trout
Pan Roast Chicken
Marinated Beef tenderloin, seared & cooked to perfect temp. topped with crab meat & sauteed mushroom on a bed of creamy potatoes & green beans with gogonzola cheese sauce 
Cast iron skillet roast chicken thighs with baby potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and green beans...juicy & tasty!
​Whole Trout rubbed with Priscilla's All Purpose seasoning​roasted with brussels sprouts and herby lemon dressing.

​About Us​​

​About Priscilla's Kitchen, LLC
Priscilla's Kitchen, LLC stand for fresh, seasonal, tasty Intl. foods. Hands on Cooking Classes or Culinary Training. Be it on regular or therapeutic diets, gluten free diets or life style change diets. Catering Services for any event and Sales of our culinary products - Spices, sauces, gift items or cook books.

We offer meal deliveries or pick ups.
Location - United Sates & Lagos, Nigeria.
​Meet Chef Priscilla Adaunwor Umeda
My parents raised I and my sibblings to farm, be educated with best grades. The art of clearing, tilling the ground, planting seeds, nurturing them to yield good food products, harvesting same, and cooking for family, friends and now you; was and still is, my inspiration for becoming a chef.

I advanced to teaching myself how to make cakes in my home country Nigeria; soon it became thriving business.
I migrated to United States early 2000s Attended & Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu college of Culinary Arts. Worked at Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Warldorf Astoria, floated my restaurant etc. In an effort to advance compassion, love and service to humanity; I transitioned to Healthcare as Food Service Director, later advanced to Healthcare Administrator. Certainly not without advancing my education to MBA & now. DBA in view.

I am a mother of two amazing sons. Mission accomplished... mummy! I hope I've made you and dad proud.

My culinary passion increases by day as I see satisfaction in the faces of diners. Culinary growth of the people 've passed through our culinary programs or cooking classes. I will be teaching and cooking till the end. Be it therapeutic diets or regular.